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Farmer's Markets

Image1. Atwater Market:

Location: Saint-Henri area, borough Le Sud-Ouest, Downtown, Montreal.
Wesbite: http://www.marche-atwater.com/

Farmer's market  was opened in 1933 to meet the needs of the growing city. Stalls sell local as well as international products. It is the ideal place to head for for groceries, the freshest green products, meat (including fish), flowers, cheese, and homemade wine. Prices are pretty low, and quality is excellent. Getting bargains can be tough - usually, however, the need for bargaining would not be felt. The market aslo houses the Première Moisson Bakery and a restaurant.
Although the market gives the look and feel of the typical, informal roadside market, it is a well-managed facility, with its own website. Every shop/vendor is registered and details of their services can be found on the website.

2. Jean-Talon Market:
Location: 7075 avenue Casgrain, Little Italy, Parc Extension, Montreal.
Timings: Daily 6am to 8pm.
Website: http://www.marche-jean-talon.com/

Another open-air market. Larger than Atwater. Open all year round, even in the severest weather. Contains around 300 stalls, usually run by farmers from the outskirts of Montreal, that sell fresh farm products. The market is surrounded by stalls and small shops selling meat, cheese, spices, alcoholic beverages, and international eatables.

3. Maisonneuve Market:
Location: 4445 rue Ontario Est, Montreal.
Website: http://www.marchemaisonneuve.com/

Another open-air farmer's market. Sells fresh fruits, vegetables, meat/fish, an assortment of baked goods and confectionary items, and spices from around the world. Prices are very reasonable, and some bargaining is possible, especially if you speak French.

4. Lachine Market:
Location: 1865, Notre-Dame Street, Montréal.
Telephone: 514-937-7754
Website: http://www.marchedelachine.com/

Montreal's oldest public marketplace. Year-round open-air market. Sells fresh green local produce at low prices. Also sells flowers, bakery items, and a variety of spices. Has a small cafe.


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