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Shopping in Montreal - Canada

Blatter and Blatter - Montreal

Blatter and Blatter

Location: 365 President Kennedy Avenue, (Near Bleury), Montreal.Telephone: 514 845 8028
Timings: Mondays to Wednesdays 9am to 6pm, Thursdays and Fridays 9am to 9p, Saturdays 10am to 6pm. Closed Sundays.

The best place to head for authentic Cuban cigars and briar pipes. Also...

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Boutik Electrik - Montreal

Boutik Electrik

Location: Zone 1112A, Eaton Center, Downtown, Montreal.Telephone: (514) 847-0303
This place sells small electronic appliances like juicer/blenders, microwaves, tea/coffee makers, food processors, and a variety of knives, scissors, and razors. It also offers repairs on these items at humble...

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Carrefour Laval - Montreal

Carrefour Laval

Location: 3003, boulevard Le carrefour, Laval.Telephone:  450-687-1360
Timings: Mondays to Fridays 10am to 9pm, Saturdays 9am to 5pm, Sundays 10am to 5pm.
Website: http://www.carrefourlaval.ca/home/index.ch2

Located on the north shore of Montreal.
A huge...

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Complexe Desjardins - Montreal

Complexe Desjardins

Location: 4 Complexe Desjardins, Montreal.Telephone: (514) 845-4636
Timings: Mondays to Wednesdays 930am to 6pm, Thursdays and Fridays 930am to 9pm, Saturdays 930 to 5pm, Sundays 12noon to 5pm.
Website: www.complexedesjardins.com

Said to be one of the most frequented...

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Complexe Les Ailes - Montreal

Complexe Les Ailes

Location: 677 rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest, Downtown, Montreal.Telephone: 514-288-3759
Timings: 10am to 5pm.
Email: service@complexelesailes.com
Website: http://www.complexelesailes.com/en/index.htm

A beautifully designed and well maintained building spanning three...

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Costco - Montreal


Location: 300 rue Bridge, Montréal.Telephone: (514) 938-5170
Timings: Mondays to Fridays 10am to 830pm, Saturdays 930am to 6pm, Sundays 10am to 5pm.
Website: www.costco.ca

Part of an international chain of departmental stores, that offers everything imaginable at quite...

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Cours Mont-Royal - Montreal

Cours Mont-Royal

Location: 1455 Peel Street, Suite 424, Montreal.Telephone: (514) 842-7777
Fax: 514.842.1874
Timings: Mondays to Wednesdays 10am to 6pm, Thursdays to Fridays 10am to 9pm, Saturdays 10am to 5pm, Sundays 12noon to 5pm.
Email: customerservice@soltron.ca

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Farmer's Markets - Montreal

Farmer's Markets

1. Atwater Market:Location: Saint-Henri area, borough Le Sud-Ouest, Downtown, Montreal.
Wesbite: http://www.marche-atwater.com/

Farmer's market  was opened in 1933 to meet the needs of the growing city. Stalls sell local as well as international products. It is the ideal...

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