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Organized Tours in Montreal - Canada

Amarrages sans frontiers - Montreal

Amarrages sans frontiers

Location: 7426, rue Saint-Denis, Montréal. Telephone: (514) 272 - 7049
Email: info@amarragessansfrontieres.com
Website: http://www.amarragessansfrontieres.com/

Provides walking tours of the different neighborhood, including various food districts. Friendly service and...

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Caleche Tours - Montreal

Caleche Tours

Location: 14 Westminster Ave N, Montreal.Telephone: (514) 489-2994
Fax: (514) 489-3823
Website: http://calechetours.supersites.ca/pagedaccueil1/

Perfect treat! Offers horse-carriage tours of various neighborhoods around Montreal. Carriages leave from Mont Royal Park,...

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Heritage Montreal - Montreal

Heritage Montreal

Location: 100, rue Sherbrooke Est, bureau 0500, Montréal.Telephone: 514-286-2662
Email: contact@heritagemontreal.qc.ca
Website: http://heritagemontreal.org/fr/

Specializes in tours of sites of historic and architectural significance.

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Infotouriste - Montreal


Location: 1001Dorchester Square, Montreal. Telephone: 514-873-2015
Tollfree: 800-363-7777
Email: info@tourisme.gouv.qc.ca
Timings: Jun 1 to Sept 1 - 830am to 730pm, Sept 1 to May 31 - 9am to 5pm.

Situated at a popular intersection in the downtown area, Infotouriste...

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Keroul Inc - Montreal

Keroul Inc

Location: 4545, avenue Pierre-De Coubertin, C.P. 1000, Succursale M, Montréal.Telephone: 514-252-3104
Fax: 514-254-0766
Email: infos@keroul.qc.ca
Wesbite: http://www.keroul.qc.ca/en/

The only tour operators that cater to the need of physically...

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Old Montreal Ghost Walks - Montreal

Old Montreal Ghost Walks

Location: 469 Saint Francois-Xavier, Montreal.Telephone: 514-868-0303
Email: info@fantommontreal.com
Website: http://www.fantommontreal.com/en/accueil.htm

Relive the past of the modern city through the eyes of those who have passed - those who had a hand in the making of...

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Stewart Museum - Montreal

Stewart Museum

Location: The Stewart Museum, 20 chemin du Tour de l’Isle, The Fort, St. Helen's Island, Montreal.Telephone: 514.861.6701
Fax : 514.284.0123
Email: info@stewart-museum.org
Wesbite: www.stewart-museum.org

Offers beautiful winter night time tours of Montreal....

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