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Festivals in Montreal - Canada

Annual Saint Patrick’s Day Parade - Montreal

Annual Saint Patrick’s Day Parade

Saint Patrick is widely revered as one of the patron saints of Ireland, and the republic of Ireland and Irish colonies and communities worldwide obvserve St Patrick' Day in honour of the respected saint. The day is celebrated by Irish and non-Irish, Christians and non-Christians alike in Montreal,...

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Blue Metropolis Montreal International Literary Festival - Montreal

Blue Metropolis Montreal International Literary Festival

A multilingual literary festival held in Montreal, claiming to be the first of its kind in the world. Gathers more than 250 writers, poets, journalists, musicians and actors from around the world to present their art in the language they feel comfotable in. Languages commonly heard are Spanish and...

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Festival international du film sur l'art (FIFA)/International Film Festival on Art - Montreal

Festival international du film sur l'art (FIFA)/International Film Festival on Art

A film festival that screens films and documentaries on the various aspects of art and architecture from around the globe - its history, development through the ages, and its implementation and interpretation in different cultures. It aims to promote awareness and appreciation in the public about...

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Festival Montréal en Lumière/Montreal High Lights Festival - Montreal

Festival Montréal en Lumière/Montreal High Lights Festival

An exciting annual festival, relatively new for a city which derives its festivals from centuries old traditions. The purpose - to celebrate light! Quite original, and more than just an "enlightening" affair. Consists of more than a week of celebrations ranging from food and wine stalls to musical...

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Festival Voix des Amériques/Vf - Montreal

Festival Voix des Amériques/Vf

A festival celebrating written arts, literature, poetry, and satire. Performances range from poetry recitals to comedy acts to literary stage shows. The evenning (5 to 7) shows are usually free for all, but it is the late night sittings (11pm onwards) that really mesmerize the audience. Tickets are...

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Fete de St-Jean-Baptiste - Montreal

Fete de St-Jean-Baptiste

Celebrated on the 24th of June each year as a national holiday in all of Quebec, to mark solidarity with the similar festival celebrated in France. Activities range from small street performances dotted throughout town to free musical concerts organized in large public parks....

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Fête des enfants/Children’s Festival - Montreal

Fête des enfants/Children’s Festival

A festival dedicated to children! A wide variety of games, costume parties, fun filled activities like painting,sculpting and modelmaking, a marvellous night-time fireworks display, and musical performances all through the event. More than a hundred totally FREE recreational opputunities from 9 am...

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Fête du Canada/Canada Day - Montreal

Fête du Canada/Canada Day

July 1st, 1967 was the day Canada was declared independent. This day marks the anniversary of independence. Celebrations include parades, family carnivals, fireworks displays, maritime exhibitions, and freee public concerts....

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