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General Information About Montreal - Canada

Annual Temperature - Montreal

Annual Temperature

low temperature: -16 °C
high temperature: -06 °C
rainfall: 73.7 mm


low temperature: -14 °C
high temperature: -04 °C
rainfall: 66 mm



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Exchange Rates - Montreal

Exchange Rates

The currency used is the Canadian Dollar (CAD).


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Fast Facts - Montreal

Fast Facts

-LocationMontreal, Quebec, Canada.
-Dialing code
Three dialing codes are in use in Montreal: the older 514, the more recent 438, and the 450 code for nearby, off-island regions. These codes are to be used before any local number, whichever district you are calling from. If dialing...

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Montreal History - Montreal

Montreal History

Various Native American tribes – the Huron, Algonquin, and Iroquois – have inhabited the Montreal area for thousands of years.  The Europeans arrived on the scene in 1535, when Jacques Cartier arrived on Montreal Island (named for Mount Royal) and established the village of...

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Montreal in a Day - Montreal

Montreal in a Day

Start the day in Montreal’s Old Town (or Vieux Montreal).  Here you can catch a glimpse of the city’s past.  The Point á Calliere Museum, built on the site of Montreal’s earliest known settlement, provides a deep insight into the city’s historical development.
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Montreal Residents - Montreal

Montreal Residents

Montreal is a very international city, so you are sure to find people from various origins here. However there are some general etiquettes to consider when interacting with the general populace.French is the official, and the most commonly used, language in Montreal. If you do not understand and...

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Montreal Today - Montreal

Montreal Today

Before the 1970s, Montreal was Canada’s most prominent city.  Due to poor investments and bad luck, it has since lost that position to Toronto.  It remains the second largest city in Canada, and is the capital of Quebec.  It is also the center of Canada’s Francophone culture –...

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Public Holidays - Montreal

Public Holidays

·    January 1: New Year's Day·    March 21: Good Friday
·    May 19 (observed): Victoria Day/Journée nationale des Patriotes
·    June 24: Festival of Saint Jean Baptiste/Fête Nationale (National day of Quebec)Read More


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