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Phnom Penh - Cambodia
Phnom Penh Today
Phnom Penh has turned into the central economic, industrial, commercial, and historic point in Cambodia. It is home to several Pagodas, religious joints, cultural settings, and historic markets like Russian Market and Central market. Its wide ...
Phnom Penh History
Phnom Penh became the permanent seat of the King in 1866. Royal Palace was built in the city for honor. Later French colonists established schools, hospitals, courts, heath centers, offices, prisons, etc to turn a partial village into a capital ...

Le Jardin
Located at 16 Street 360, this is the place your kids will love. Take them there for breakfast or...

Wat Ounalom
Built in 1443, it is the center of Cambodian Buddhism. It has around 44 structures some of which...

Wat Phnom
Wat Phnom is located on a hill in a small park! It is visited more f its religious and historic...

Royal Palace & Silver Pagoda
The Royal Palace features two splendid Pagodas, The Silver Pagoda and The Temple of Emerald Buddha....

National Museum
The National Museum of Cambodia is worth visiting! It features the statues of Hindu and Greek Gods,...

Phnom Penh - Cambodia City Guide & Travel Information


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