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Bahrain - Bahrain
Bahrain today
Bahrain has progressed into a cosmopolitan society of religions and communities. With the discovery of oil in 1932 rapid modernization occurred in Bahrain. Bahrain has the fastest growing and also the freest economy in all of the Middle East because ...
Bahrain History
Bahrain’s rich history dates back from the early Dilmun period through the Islamic era. Archaeological evidence dating to 3000 B.C. shows that the Sumerians settled in the main island. In about 2000 B.C. it was known as Dilmun and served as a ...

The National Museum
The largest museum in Bahrain, the National Museum is a must-see for history enthusiasts; it is a...

Arad Fort
Though there is no known exact date of construction, the timeline of the Arad Fort is roughly the...

Ain Umm Al-Sajur Site
The site is renowned for having the highest water spring in Bahrain. This spring was found by a...

Hawar Islands
Located 20kms from the Bahrain Mainland, the Hawar Islands are an idyllic, untouched, beautiful...

Bahrain - Bahrain City Guide & Travel Information


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