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Sydney - Australia
Sydney Today
Perhaps it is Sydney's allure that makes most people confuse it for the capital of Australia. For those misinformed, take heed that Canberra is the capital city of Australia and Sydney is the capital of New South Wales (one of six Australian ...
Sydney History
Yet, such culture and magnificence was not always accredited to Sydney, for it once was a destination for convicted criminals. For instance, interest spurred in Australia after the British explorer James Cook landed in New South Wales in 1770. Soon ...

Powerhouse Museum
The Powerhouse Museum allows visitors to peek into Sydney's scientific and technological past....

Darling Harbor
This gorgeous strip on the harbor is always buzzing and full of energy. The numerous restaurants,...

Bondi Beach
No trip to Sydney would be complete without a stroll through the famed Bondi Beach. In only a 15...

Chinese Garden of Friendship
Tel: (02) 9281 6863. E-mail: edgarm@shfa.nsw.gov.au...

National Maritime Museum
2 Murray Street Tel: (02) 9298 3777. Website:

Sydney - Australia City Guide & Travel Information


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