Sydney Today

Perhaps it is Sydney's allure that makes most people confuse it for the capital of Australia. For those misinformed, take heed that Canberra is the capital city of Australia and Sydney is the capital of New South Wales (one of six Australian States). Yet, do not blush if you were ignorant of this fact, for it can be very easy to be unaware of such tidbits especially when Sydney attracts so much attention for being Australia's cultural and business hub. For instance, Sydney is home to the Australian Stock Exchange and is considered the economic capital of the nation. It also offers chic shopping, top-notch restaurants, and a booming nightlife. A main destination for such activities is Darling Harbor.

However, what distinguishes Sydney from other cities is the Sydney Opera House, declared as one of the world's top performance art venues, which majestically sits on Bennelong Point in the Sydney Harbor; and its equally impressive neighbor the Sydney Harbor Bridge, who the Guinness World Records declared as the widest long-span bridge in the world along with having the largest steel arch.