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Brisbane - Australia
Brisbane Today
Brisbane has suffered at the hands of Mother Nature in the early months of 2011. Notorious for having been established on the floodplains of the Brisbane River, the heavy rain in January resulted in parts of the city’s infrastructure being ...
Brisbane History
Brisbane was first founded in 1824 at what is now Redcliffe on Moreton Bay, as a penal colony for Sydney’s expanding population of convicts. Due to lack of fresh water and hostility from the Aborigines, the colony was moved to the banks of the ...

City Hall
Built in 1930, City Hall is a glorious sandstone building that overlooks the sculptures and...

Roma Street Parkland
If you’re looking for a quiet place that is also the biggest subtropical garden in the world then...

Old Windmill and Observatory
One of the oldest buildings in Brisbane, this windmill was originally unable to turn due to a...

Parliament House
Occupying a regal position overlooking the City Botanic Gardens, Brisbane’s Parliament House is...

City Botanic Gardens
Bigger than the Roma St Parklands, here you’ll find expansive lawns, macadamia trees, tropical...

Brisbane - Australia City Guide & Travel Information


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