Taxis are the most popular form of transport within Sana’a. The complex network of roads and side streets in the crowded city can be quite daunting especially for foreigners so taxis are the easy way to go. They can be quite inexpensive when used for groups of three to four people.

Taxis in Sana’a are usually shared – people who are total strangers may be sitting next to one another in one cab, depending on the route. A short trip from one neighborhood to another in a shared taxi would cost around YR 30. This is convenient, rather like a mini-bus or van, but these taxis can make frequent stops as passengers get on and off. They can also take longer to drop you off at your desired location as they usually do not stick to merely the main roads, but go inside narrow lanes to drop off your fellow passengers.

These shared taxis usually dock at the outskirts of Sana’a, and start navigating the city once they are full. You can reach the taxi depot by bus or mini bus from Bab al Yemen, which would cost around YR 20.

Taxis are also available to take you to the surrounding cities – a two to three hour drive would be around YR 400 – 600. Tourists are not permitted to travel to Sa’da or Ma’rib by taxi due to security issues.

Taxis can be hired out by a single person, but the fare is usally higher in that case, usually YR 100. Foreigners may be charged more, around YR 300 – 500. Taxis do not use meters, so make sure you negotiate the fare in advance. A tip is courteous, but not really expected.

Another type of taxi running around is the motorbike taxi. Fast and inexpensive, this is efficient for the tourist who wishes to visit a lot of neighborhoods in one day. These taxis can be found near any busy intersection. Fares range from YR 100 – 150.