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Transportation - Getting Around in Sanaa - Yemen

Buses - Sanaa


As Sana’a is a quite a big city containing many randomly sprawling districts, small minibuses or “dababs” are very convenient as a short, cheap hop from one neighborhood to another. A normal dabab fare ranges from YR 15 to YR 30, depending on how far you want to go. Dababs  run from 6 in the...

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Car for Hire - Sanaa

Car for Hire

Hiring out a car is much more convenient than contracting a full day taxi if you have the bucks. You get your own driver, usually bilingual unlike most of the taxi drivers around town. You pay for the gas or the number of hours, depending on your package type, but it is a more satisfying experience...

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Driving Tips - Sanaa

Driving Tips

Sana’a is not one of the friendliest cities to be driving around in. The traffic is chaotic, rules are usually disregarded, and fellow drivers are often impatient and impolite.

Some cars on the road may be missing indicator lights and side mirrors, making abrupt turns right in front...

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From the airport - Sanaa

From the airport

Sana’a houses one of Yemen’s eight airports.

Offices of the national flag bearer, Yemenia Airlines, can be found at various locations around town.

The most convenient form of travel from the airport to your place of stay is by taxi. These can be found lolling around...

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Taxi - Sanaa


Taxis are the most popular form of transport within Sana’a. The complex network of roads and side streets in the crowded city can be quite daunting especially for foreigners so taxis are the easy way to go. They can be quite inexpensive when used for groups of three to four people.
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