Yemen Mall

Address: Da'iry Street (Ring Road), near the Hadda Street intersection
Phone: +967 144 8364

Yemen Mall provides another top-notch shopping experience, not as elegant as the STC, but enriching, nevertheless. The mall is spread over five floors. On the ground level you can find pricey international brands selling electronics, watches, and fashion accessories. The first and second floor contain a mixture of local and international labels, a bit less expensive, selling garments and related accessories for men and women. On the second floor you can also find products with a more local flair, like abayahs, veils, and women’s wear, in addition to silverware, jewelry and kitchen utensils.
The third floor houses Magic Park, a large indoor amusement arena for the whole family.  It contains video arcade games, bumping cars, revolving swings, a horror show, and a jumping castle and playground for kids.
The topmost floor contains two open-air restaurants that give a magnificent view over Sana'a.
Parking for 150 cars is provided within the mall’s premises. 

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