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Souq al-Milh

altAddress: Old City, Sana'a
A large open-air flea market, the Souq is offers not only a genuinely Middle Eastern shopping extravaganza, but also a peek into what Yemeni culture is all about. Early morning haggling, groups of children running wild, women in burqahs exclaiming at pricey items, and smiling vendors offering cups of tea to every customer (do grab a cup or two, as you will hardly find any actual tea stalls in all the market).

You can stop and gaze longingly at any item at any stall without fear of interference from annoying shopkeepers who continuously persuade visitors to buy goods from them. The atmosphere is friendly yet laidback, and shopkeepers generally succumb to any bargaining you are persistent with.

You can find all kinds of groceries and eatables at very low prices – spices, grains, nuts, confectioneries, and fruits and vegetables, as well as perfumes, jewelry, silverware, antiques, copper, ceramic items, small décor objects, and even a nice, inexpensive variety of local clothing. Just ask one of the locals which part of the market you should head to for a particular kind of item, as stalls are usually categorized according to the objects they sell.


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