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Shumaila Hari Supermarket

altAddress: Hadda Street
Shumaila Hari is a convenient departmental store that has everything from electronics to eatables, to very traditional handicrafts. It is modern and stylish, spread onto two floors, with shops categorized according to the products they sell. The topmost floor has a variety of boutiques and garment outlets, including children’s clothing, along with stores selling shoes and fashion accessories, bed sheets and blankets, and interior décor and home furniture. The first floor is a family-oriented shopping experience, where you can find clothes and other items of everyday domestic use. A special mention is a tailor’s shop that specializes in women’s apparel, hijab, abayahs and veils.

The ground floor has all the glitzy and glamorous stuff – electronic items, movie stores, toys and videogame shops, jewelers, and a large food department, offering local as well as international delicacies – a variety of cheese, light snacks, ice cream, and confectionaries! There are also frozen food outlets, with vegetables, kebabs, and meats on sale.

The entrance lobby contains an information counter to guide you to the outlet of your interest the first time you visit.
A large, secure parking lot is available right in front of the mall.
Milk, yoghurt, fish, shrimp, and a few local eatables are actually cheaper here than at some other retail stores in Sana'a.


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