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Sana'a Trade Center

altAddress: Algeria Street
Phone: +967 1 448369/7/70
Fax: +967 1 448471

The closest a taste you can get to modern shopping when in Sana'a. Newly constructed, stylishly treated, and surprisingly well-maintained, the STC offers a delightful shopping experience for the tourist who has been pampered by the likes of Beverly Hills.
The place is not just a shopping mall, but also a residential and office complex – so it is always buzzing with activity. It houses over 70 retail outlets spread over five floors, boasting brand names like Omega, Baskin Robbins, Majesty, and Royal.
The STC is the ideal place to purchase genuine brands of perfumes, cosmetics, and jewelry.  You will also find a large range of electronic goods and household appliances here, probably at a slightly higher rate than at the supermarkets around town. The place also has a large collection of home décor, lighting, furniture, and textiles and fabrics for the house.
You will certainly love the kind of variety the mall offers in the garments and fashion accessories section – be it men, women, or children, you will find clothing, bags, purses, watches, belts, suitcases, glasses, and shoes for every age and taste.
The mall offers a valet parking service. An ATM machine is also provided in the entrance lobby. The rooftop mosque makes for a great afternoon praying space, or just a viewing deck when prayers are not in session!


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