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Al-Jundool Supermarket

altAddress: Hadda Street, up from Shumaila Hari
This is the place to stack up on bakery supplies. Managed by the owners of the Jundool Bakery on Zuberi Street, the supermarket offers a charming variety of local breads, cheese and butter. Also present are a café and a kiosk selling local juices/shakes.

Everyday supplies like soaps, shampoos, toiletries and other items are present along the aisles in the middle. Cooking utensils and household tools are present next to them. Besides these you can find a variety of meat, cheese, and canned juices, and also fresh vegetables, nuts, and spices.
A limited variety of clothes, toys, stationery, children’s items, and home décor is also available.

On the last few shelves of the supermarket you will find electronic gadgets and cell phone packages, along with cosmetics and beauty products.
A secure car parking area is provided at the front.

Al-Jundool is smaller than the Shumaila Hari Supermarket, occupying just one floor, but is definitely worth a visit. The shelves are well-organized and well-maintained, and the prices are quite modest.


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