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Shopping in Sanaa - Yemen

Al-Huda - Sanaa


Address: Zuberi Street
Al-Huda is a relatively small but well-stocked supermarket, very popular amongst the locals, and almost always crowded.
You can buy electronic household appliances, including refrigerators, ovens, stoves, hair dryers, and the like. Eatables like...

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Al-Jundool Supermarket - Sanaa

Al-Jundool Supermarket

Address: Hadda Street, up from Shumaila Hari
This is the place to stack up on bakery supplies. Managed by the owners of the Jundool Bakery on Zuberi Street, the supermarket offers a charming variety of local breads, cheese and butter. Also present are a café and a kiosk...

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Bab al-Sabah Street Market - Sanaa

Bab al-Sabah Street Market

Address: Bir al-Azab Disrtict, entrance of Old City, Sana'a
Another open-air market, much smaller than the main Souq, but with almost the same atmosphere. Come here for really cheap meat and poultry products, green groceries, and spices. Bargaining can be ridiculously...

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Fish - Sanaa


A large fish market is situated next to the Italian Embassy. You can find an amazing variety of Red Sea creatures lined up ready for sale, fresh every morning. And at extremely low prices too, compared to other markets around town. This is, quite obviously, not one of the most fragrant of...

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Futa - Sanaa


A long robe-like piece of cloth that is worn by local men, rather like a skirt, over a pair of trousers. It comes in a variety of decent colors and patterns. This can easily be picked up at any Souq around Sana'a.  ...

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Happyland - Sanaa


Address: Algeria Street, opposite Yemen Mall
Phone: + 967 1 44 2000
Fax: + 967 1 44 79 09
Email: info@happyland-ye.com
Website: happyland-ye.com

A newly established,...

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Honey - Sanaa


One item that you MUST try is the honey in Yemen. It is readily available at major retail stores, as well as the open air markets dotted all around town. The most popular honey comes from the Hadramaut area, and shopkeepers will automatically understand what you mean when you ask for the “best...

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Jambiyas - Sanaa


A  jambiya is a curved dagger that is carried around by most local men. It is usually for display only and not normally used as a weapon or even a tool. Intricately carved, splendidly designed varieties are available at major souvenir stalls spread around the locals Souqs. Or you could head to...

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