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Restaurants in Sanaa - Yemen

Al-Deewan - Sanaa


Cuisine: Yemeni
Address: Hadda Street, near Iran Street and Beirut Street
Phone: + 967 1 425528
Warm interior, an airy outdoor garden, polite, although a bit slow, service, and a family-oriented environment, which means...

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Al-Fakher - Sanaa


Cuisine:  Middle Eastern
Address: Hadda Street
Phone: +967 1 427888 / 427999
An expensive place, definitely not worth the price. You can get better varieties of the same food at any other Hadda Street diner, at much lower...

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Al-Hamra - Sanaa


Cuisine: Fast Food/Yemeni
Address: Hadda Street, near the British Embassy
A clean, safe interior, and excellent food. The kebabs and shwarma are highlights of the menu. Try the roasted leg of lamb if you intend to splurge. A charming outdoor eating...

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Al-Manqal - Sanaa


Cuisine:  Middle Eastern
Address: Amman, Sana’a
Good quality, even if not truly authentic, Egyptian and Lebanese food. Also available is a limited grilled menu, and soups and noodles. Outdoor seating available in the evenings. Reservations needed...

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Al-Shaibani Modern Restaurant - Sanaa

Al-Shaibani Modern Restaurant

Cuisine: Yemeni
Address: near the Great Mosque – ask a cabbie!
Phone: + 967 1 504245
Fax: + 967 1 504246
Another of the “Shabani” restaurants around town, with a pretty inexpensive menu compared...

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Al-Shaibani Restaurant Super Deluxe - Sanaa

Al-Shaibani Restaurant Super Deluxe

Cuisine: Yemeni
Address: Hadda Street, across from Al-Komaim Centre
Phone: + 967 1 266375
There are a lot of “Shaibani” restaurants around the city. Shaibani is not a chain, but the name of a region. This particular...

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Al-Waleema - Sanaa


Cuisine: Lebanese/Yemeni
Address: Hadda Street
Don’t go on the bland interior décor and faded paints. This is not a place for couples or art enthusiasts, but is sure to delight many a weary, hungry, and tight-pocketed traveler. The food isn’t the...

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Alard Alkhadraa - Sanaa

Alard Alkhadraa

Cuisine: Grilled/Fast Food
Address: Hadda Street
A fast-paced place, with quick and efficient service, for the tourist who wants to spend the least time on eating. Try the fried chicken, lamb, and kebabs. Pay at the counter, select a waiter (remember...

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