What to do with Children in Tow

Sana'a is not really much of an amusement for children, unless your six year old has a hereditary interest in anthropology or history. Yemeni children have few activities besides running about in streets populated by men with daggers – not much of a concern for the mothers, as there are no kidnappers or pedophiles around. It is pretty common to see a swarm of kids rolling along a street or public square, chasing anything from a stray dog to a worn-out tire – this in itself provides ample entertainment for a group of toddlers accompanying you.

Older kids might not be interested in this seemingly mundane display of everyday life. You can try taking them to one of the two major parks around town – the Al-Sabeen Park and the Attan Park. An evening or two there would help you counter the effects of your long day at work and the children’s boring day at the hotel while you were away. Beautifully landscaped, the parks offer colorful varieties of flowering shrubs on display, especially during the summer and spring months.

Another alternative is to go for horse rides! Opposite the Al-Tahrir Square, across from the Honda showroom, are quite a few knights in not-so-shining armor who would gladly offer you a ride on their noble steeds for a few YER. You can even have them photograph you at just YER 100, but it is always better to take along your own camera!

An entertaining spot for the whole family is Fun City, south of Al-Sabeen Park. It contains a mediocre bowling alley and some themed rides. The entry fee is only YER 200. It is often more fun to watch burqa-clad women rolling the ball along, trying to manage the ball and the burqa together, as another swarm of kids runs down the lanes trying to knock down whatever comes in their way.

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