National Museum of Yemen

Address: al-Tahrir Square
Timings: Saturdays to Thursdays 9am to 12noon, 3pm to 5pm. Fridays 9am to 12pm only
Entrance:  YER 500

Housed inside a former palace known as the Dar-as-Sada (House of Happiness), this is the place that offers you an overview of how Sana'a came to be, how it has survived the several dynasties that ruled over it, and why the skyscrapers still stand tall today as they did centuries ago. The museum contains over 75000 artifacts categorized into eras, dating from pre-Christianity to relatively modern history, and ranging from inscriptions and tapestries to carvings and pottery work to weaponry and navigational equipment. Some exhibits are not dated, as further excavations are needed to accurately determine their details, and this leaves it up to the observer to guess the true age of the items on display. The museum also offers a breathtaking view of the al-Tahrir Square once you reach the rooftop – makes for enchanting evening photography. You will be pulled into a magical tour of history from the moment you step inside this ancient palace, and each narrow, dangerously winding staircase will just add to the charm of the journey.

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