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Museum of Traditional Arts and Crafts

altAddress: north corner of al-Tahreer Square
Timings: 8am to 5pm

Located near al-Mutawakkil Mosque, inside the former abode of a revered religious scholar, this museum focuses more on the culture rather than the history of the region. You will find costumes, accessories, domestic décor, jewelry, items of everyday use, and quite a number of other displays that provide a delightful insight into a centuries-old lifestyle. In fact, you can also find quite a number of representational room sets complete with furniture, fabrics, and mannequins – for example, a “Mafraj”, a covered or semi-covered rooftop terrace where men of the house gather in the late afternoons to chew on qat and talk about issues.
The museum is accompanied by a pleasant little courtyard with flowering hedges, which makes for a charming sitting space for the evening.



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