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Places To Visit in Sanaa - Yemen

Al-Bab Art Gallery - Sanaa

Al-Bab Art Gallery

This is the small art gallery/museum that is situated, as the name suggests, right next to the Bab-al-Yemen. It allows passage from the street to the top of the Bab. Although you may just pass the gallery simply to get to the top of the gate to shoot a few photos, the gallery in itself isn’t such...

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Al-Sabeen Park - Sanaa

Al-Sabeen Park

Address: located right next to the al-Sabeen Square off 45 Meters Road.
This large, gently rolling landscape marvel is the venue for frequent local fairs and events. It is Sana'a’s largest public park, and houses a colorful assortment of flowering plants, offering locals...

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Al-Sabeen Square - Sanaa

Al-Sabeen Square

Address: al-Sabeen Street, off 60 Meters Street
Named in remembrance of the two-month long siege during 1967-68, after which the Republican Armed Forces established a Republican Government in the country after overthrowing the Royal Forces and the monarchy. This large public...

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Al-Tahrir Square - Sanaa

Al-Tahrir Square

The main public piazza of the city, this square acts as an intersection between two of Sana'a’s major urban districts. It is consequently lined with eateries and shopping outlets, features a mesmerizing fountain in the center, and is a popular hangout space for residents of the surrounding...

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Attan Park - Sanaa

Attan Park

A large green space for the public, located close to the Expo Apollo on al-Jazair Road.  Splendid landscape, rich variety of flowering shrubs, and shaded sitting areas positioned strategically to give magnificent views, this is the place you would want to retreat to after a long, tiring walk...

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Bab Sabah Street Market - Sanaa

Bab Sabah Street Market

Address: street market, from the Shari’ Ali’ Abdul Mughni to the entrance to Old Sana'a

This large open-air flea market is a sight to behold, especially in the early afternoon. You can grab a cup of steaming local tea and take a seat, just watching locals hustling...

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City Wall and Gate - Sanaa

City Wall and Gate

The seven centuries old, 40 feet high mud wall that goes around the old city is also quite well-preserved, and is a sight in itself. It contains the Bab-al-Yemen, a large portal that celebrates the entrance into the old city. Out of the original six gates that marked the entry into Sana'a, it is...

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Fun City - Sanaa

Fun City

Address: to the south of Sabeen Park
Tickets: YER 200
A decent amusement venue that can be termed as modern, in the broader sense of the word. Good place to bring kids and family. Contains a bowling alley, rides, dodgem cars, and several reasonable...

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