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Hotels in Sanaa - Yemen

Arabia Felix Hotel - Sanaa

Arabia Felix Hotel

Address: old Sana'a area, near Wadi Road, downtown Sana'a
Phone: + 967 1 287 330
Fax: + 967 1 287 426
Email: arabia-felix@y.net.ye

Consisting of a group of four quaint little multi-storied...

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Burj al Salam Hotel - Sanaa

Burj al Salam Hotel

Address: Al Fleehy Area, Sana'a
Phone: +967 1 483333, +967 1 483340
Fax: +967 1 483330   
Email: manager@burjalsalam.com, reservation@burjalsalam.com

Once an ancient Yemeni skyscraper in all...

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Dawood Hotel - Sanaa

Dawood Hotel

Address: Bustan al Habal, Old City, Sana'a
Phone: +967 1 287270
Email: dawoodhotel@yahoo.com

The Dawood Hotel is housed within a 400 year old residence in the old city of Sana'a. Like the building itself that hasn’t...

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Golden Daar Hotel - Sanaa

Golden Daar Hotel

Address: Talha St, Old city, Sana'a
Phone: +967 287220
Email: goldendar@y.net.ye

A simple bed and bath hotel for the traveler who is too exhausted at night after traveling all day through the city to care for ambience,...

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Mercure Sana’a Al-Saeed - Sanaa

Mercure Sana’a Al-Saeed

Address: Al Zubery Street
Phone: (+967)1/212544
Fax: (+967)1/212487   
Email: mercuresanaa@accoryemen.com

Located right in the center of the new Sana'a, this 4-star business class hotel...

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Movenpick Hotel - Sanaa

Movenpick Hotel

Address: Berlin Street, Dhahar Hemyer, Sana'a
Phone: +967 1 54 66 66
Fax: +967 1 54 60 00
Email:     hotel.sanaa@moevenpick.com
Website: www.moevenpick-sanaa.com


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Sam City Hotel - Sanaa

Sam City Hotel

Address: Al-Quiada St, Old Sana'a
Phone: + 967 1 270752
Email: al-mamoon@y.net.ye

The hotel for the traveler on a shoestring budget. Constructed in 1982, this hotel is cozy, relatively safe, and has quite hospitable...

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Sana'a Nights Hotel - Sanaa

Sana'a Nights Hotel

Address: Talha Street, Old City, Sana'a
Phone: +967 1 482826
Email: sanaanightshotel@yahoo.com
Website: www.sanaanightshotel.com

Known for its splendid décor and tapestries, which seem to have...

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