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Festivals in Sanaa - Yemen

Christmas - Sanaa


Date: 25 December
Even though Yemen is largely Muslim, it contains a significant Christian population that celebrates its holidays with much enthusiasm. Christmas marks one of the most happening events in Sana'a.
Festivities start right from the eve of Christmas, a...

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Eid-al-Adha - Sanaa


Date:  10 Zilhaj (Lunar Calendar)
A second Eid festival, commemorating the willing sacrifice of Ismai’l by the Prophet Abraham. Residents slaughter animals and the meat is distributed largely among the poor and needy. Leftovers are used for mouthwatering local cuisine,...

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Eid-al-Fitr - Sanaa


Date: 1 Shawwal (Lunar Calendar)
The primary religious festival for Muslims around the world, marking the end of the month of fasting. A day of thanksgiving, festivity, and spreading cheerfulness. A three-day public holiday, Eid is celebrated with much zeal, and you will...

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Independence Day - Sanaa

Independence Day

Date: 30 November
The day that marks the expulsion of the last British regiment from Yemeni soil. It is a public holiday, with excitement and merriment, especially amongst the children. Lots of street activity!                  
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Mouloud - Sanaa


Date:  12 Rabi-ul-Awwal (Lunar Calendar)
This event marks the birth of the Holy Prophet in the year 670 AD, and is generally a pleasant, cheerful day. Families get together at dinners, and mosques organize special gatherings and readings....

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Muharram (New Year) - Sanaa

Muharram (New Year)

A public holiday, marked with visits to relatives, solemn prayers, and resolutions for the New Year. More of a formal event than a wild, cheerful one.
Date: Lunar...

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National Day - Sanaa

National Day

Date: 14 October
This day commemorates the revolution against British occupancy of the Southern territories.                   

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National Unity Day - Sanaa

National Unity Day

Date: 22 May
A very significant day in the lives of all Yemenites, commemorating the day North and South Yemen became united as one republic. The day is declared a public holiday, and there is a general air of enthusiasm amongst the locals as families visit public parks and...

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