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Visa Information

altIf you have evidence of travel to Israel stamped on your passport, you cannot apply for, and will not be issued, a visa to visit Yemen.

With the exception of nationals of Syria, Jordan, Egypt, and member states of the GCC, all those entering Yemen are required to possess a valid visa before arriving. Hong Kong nationals can spend up to a month in Yemen without a visa. You can also acquire a visa after arrival at the airport in Yemen if you hold an EEC passport, or are a G8 resident.

Regardless of nationality, all those who intend to spend more than 2 weeks in Yemen must register themselves at the local police station within two weeks of arrival. A penalty of up to YER 5000 may be imposed upon failure to do so.

Those who are in Yemen on a business or tourist visa need not apply for an exit visa at the time of departure.

To apply for a visa to Yemen, contact the Yemen diplomatic mission or embassy within your country. The process usually takes from one to three weeks, and is generally smooth.


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