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Fast Facts

altLocation: Sana’a, Yemen
Dialing code: +967 01 X
(where +967 is the international code for Yemen, 01 is the regional code for Sana’a, and X is the local number)
Emergency numbers
    - Fire Brigade         191
    - Water Problems    171
    - Telephone enquires     118
    - Accident (traffic)     194
    - Foreign Affairs     202544/7
    - Inter-City Bus Co.     262111
    - Red Crescent     203131

Population: 1,747,627
Languages: Arabic is the official language. Regional languages include Socotri, Mahri, and Bathari. English is also widely understood.
Time zone: UTC/GMT +3 hours
   Majority: Islam (major sects are the Shafi’I, Isma’ili, and Zaydi).
   Minorities: Jews, Christians
Average January temperatures: 6.9 °C to 19.8°C
Average July temperatures: 16.7 °C to 27.7 °C
Annual precipitation: 198.5 mm


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