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Ben Thanh Market

altThe Ben Thanh Market is the biggest attraction in Ho Chi Min City for all tourists as it is the main shopping centre and everyone visiting Vietnam comes here looking for bargains. The market is very well organized with an array of stalls arranged in sections according to what they sell. The Ben Thanh is also huge on souvenir shops.


Jewelry, souvenirs, clothing, luggage, shoes, and a wide variety of foodstuff can be found in this market. During the day it is crowded and it is rare to leave the place without someone stepping on your shoes.


Bargaining is essential at Cho Ben Thanh. Do not hesitate to start by offering 50% of the price demanded by the shopkeeper. Sometimes it is worth starting by offering an even lower price. Be prepared to walk away and wait for the seller to come after you.


In the evenings, the market transforms into a large dining area. Ben-Thanh-HoChiMinhWhile the shops inside are closed, adjacent restaurants set up tables and transform the place into a giant food court. Try some authentic Vietnamese seafood here or go for deep fried fish. Remember, bacteria does not survive on freshly fried hot food. The market has been around for two centuries so do not be overly worried!


Location: Cong Truong Dien Hong, District 1


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