Public Holidays

1st January – New Years’

Last day of the last lunar month - 3rd day of the first lunar month – Vietnamese New Year

10th day of the 3rd lunar month – Hung King’s Commemoration

30th April – Liberation Day / Reunification Day

1st May – International Worker’s Day (Labor Day)

2nd September – National Day

Other Holidays

3rd February – Communist Party of Vietnam Foundation Anniversary

8th March – International Women’s Day

19th May – President Ho Chi Minh’s Birthday

1st June – International Children’s Day

28th June – Vietnamese Family Day

27th July – Remembrance Day

19th August – August Revolution Commemoration Day

10th October – Capital Liberation Day

20th October – Vietnamese Women’s Day

20th November – Teacher’s Day

22nd December – National Defense Day (People’s Army of Vietnam Foundation Anniversary)

25th December- Christmas Day

15/1 (Lunar) – Lantern Festival

15/4 (Lunar) – Buddha’s Birthday

5/5 (Lunar) – Midyear Festival

15/7 (Lunar) – Ghost Festival

15/8 (Lunar) – Mid Autumn Festival

23/12 (Lunar) – Kitchen Guardians