From the Airport

There are two main highways linking the airport and city. The route to the city via Thăng Long Bridge is more direct than Highway 1, which runs along the outskirts of the city. Taxis to downtown Hanoi can be hired at Noi Bai. The driver may try to take you to a hotel of his choice to collect a commission, but if you are specific about your destination, they usually give in. Taxis from the city centre to Noi Bai Airport charge a fixed rate of US$10 to US$12 depending on the size of the taxi.  If the hotel reservation is already made, the hotel can be asked to dispatch a driver. Generally the nicer hotels will do this and put the fare on the room bill. Public buses can also be used although they take much longer, about an hour, to reach the city centre.

Shuttle-buses from the airport to Hanoi stop at the Vietnam Airlines Office where tickets are sold in the building in front of which the minibuses park or the fare can be given directly to the driver. The cost is approx US$2 but is subject to change. The shuttle service often offers to take tourists directly to their hotel for an extra US$1 once they reach the office. This is purely voluntary, but experiences have shown the drivers are fairly trustworthy and for the new arrival it is a good way to get direct to the door. Shuttles can be booked with the hanoi airport transfer service at: