Halal restaurant in Boston

If you are craving good chicken tikkas and kebabs, you will ignore the ambience. Man o Salwa in Boston is not really a restaurant you eat in. It is a takeout place that has a couple of tables. But the food is delicious. If you are in Boston you should experience their culinary delights.

Mr and Mrs Irfan Qureshi and family run this Pakistani convenience store cum restaurant. The name outside says S&S Market. It is not lit up and you may think it is closed. But step inside and ignore the shelves of spices and rice and tea and just make your way to the counter where the Qureshi family is busy handling their "guests" - you do not feel like a customer there, you become part of the family.

You go through the menu and ask what is available. Not every thing is available every day. What you can definitely get are barbecued boneless chicken pieces (chicken tikka) and skewers of chicken kebabs. These are freshly made every day. And they are delicious. And spicy. If you are squeamish about spicy food then do not go. This food will make your taste buds bloom.

If you go on a weekend be preapred to wait for over 30 minutes to get your food. Avoid eating at the place. Take it home to your hotel or wherever you are staying and enjoy.

Man o Salwas
66 Summer St Somerville, MA 02143

Opening hours:
Monday, Wednesday & Thursday : 11am - 10pm
Friday & Saturday : 11 am - 11pm
Sunday : 11am - 10pm
Tuesday: Closed

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