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Festivals in Hanoi - Vietnam

Chem Temple Festival - Hanoi

Chem Temple Festival

Date: May 14-16
Every year the Chem Temple festival is held to honor the legendary hero Ly Than who was a defender of these territories during the Hung King dynasty. The temple is located in Thuy Phuong village in Hanoi's suburban district of Tu Liem and was built in...

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Chu Dong Tu Festival - Hanoi

Chu Dong Tu Festival

Chu Dong Tu Festival in Hanoi is celebrated over three days from the 10th to 12th day of the third month in the lunar calendar. It is celebrated in Chu Dong Tu Temple in Da Hoa and Da Trach villages, which are approximately 25 kilometers out of Hanoi. The package of dragon procession, martial arts...

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Cow Racing Festival - Hanoi

Cow Racing Festival

Date: March/April
The Khmer celebrate this festival as a part of the Don Ta Ceremony in which tributes are paid to the fore-fathers. The festival is witnessed in the Tinh Bien and Tri Ton districts, and allows visitors to explore the ethnic culture of Vietnam. Guests are...

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Elephant Festival - Hanoi

Elephant Festival

Acknowledged as the biggest festival in the middle highland of Vietnam, this festival is significant for epitomizing the martial spirit of the M'nong ethnic group, noted throughout the country for their valor and gallant skill in hunting dangerous wild elephants. Generally commemorated in the Don...

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Fukuoka Cultural Days  - Hanoi

Fukuoka Cultural Days

Meant to introduce the people of Hanoi to Japanese culture, the Fukoka cultural days is an annual event held over four days at different venues in Hanoi. Cultural activities include origami folding and traditional Japanese tea ceremonies. These activities often provide a unique and culturally...

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Giong Festival - Hanoi

Giong Festival

This festival captures the patriotic ardor of the Vietnamese people and their love for freedom, and is a celebration of their national heroes. Celebrated annually in the Phu Dong Village, Gia Lam District in Hanoi, the widely popular festival is held on the ninth day of the fourth month of the...

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Hung Temple Festival  - Hanoi

Hung Temple Festival

Held for 3 days from the 9th to the 11th day of the third month as per the lunar calendar, the festival celebrates the Hung Kings, whose contribution to the foundation of the nation is highly revered. A flower ceremony is held where all the representatives of the state participate and the offspring...

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International Circus Festival - Hanoi

International Circus Festival

Date: August 6-11
Jugglers, trapeze acts, clowns and trained animals entertain audiences at the annual International Circus Festival held at the Nation Circus Theatre. Participants of the six day event include troupes from Hanoi, Vung Tau, Quang Tri and the Vietnam...

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