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altTaxis are the best option for travel after dusk sets in. The metro is generally considered unsafe for tourists in the late hours of the evening.

Any vehicle in Caracas can be operated as a taxi by its owner, but why take the chances. Try to go for the yellow and black colored taxis. These are officially registered as commercial vehicles, so provide a secure means of travel.

A rather exciting form of taxi is the motorcycle taxi. These are also registered, and they are much quicker than a car. Put on a helmet, snuggle in behind the driver, and do Steve McQueen impersonations as you speed through the clogged roads – and onto sidewalks!

Word of caution: taxis usually do not have meters, so negotiate the fare before you get in. Also, taxis are permitted to charge a 20-30% higher rate during late hours.

Of course, the safest, and most expensive, form of taxis is the one controlled by centralized cab companies. Some reliable companies are:
1.    Taxitur (794-1264)
2.    Móvil-Enlace (577-3344)
3.    Teletaxi (753-4155)


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