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altThe metro in Caracas is a very efficient, reliable, and safe means of public transport. It was constructed by a French company and started operating in 1983. Well maintained, air-conditioned, and with stations flaunting charming works of contemporary art by upcoming local artists, the Metro makes for a pleasant ride around the city.

The main line, Line 1, runs east to west along the major linear axis of the city, and you can get off at any of the conveniently located stations. Line 2 runs southwest from the city centre. Two other, smaller lines also service remote parts of the city. From the station, if you want to go north or south into some neighborhood, there is a very handy metro-bus shuttle service that takes passengers into the suburbs, where the metro does not go itself.

A one-ride ticket is around 0.5 VEF. You can also purchase a “Multi abono” ticket, which permits 10 rides for 4.5 VEF. This allows you to avoid queuing up in front of the ticket booth before every journey.

One word of caution though – the metro can get really crowded during peak hours, so be sure to keep your valuables in safe sight. Incidents of pick pocketing are not uncommon. Also, during peak hours you might not be able to get into the first train that approaches, let alone get a seat. But trains come in quick succession during rush hours, and it will be a matter of minutes before the next one arrives.

The metro operates from 530am to 11pm.


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