From the airport

Finding your way from the airport into the city by road is a nightmare! The bridge that connected downtown Caracas to the airport in La Guaira became unsuitable for use a few months ago, and an estimated 3 years will be needed for it to be operational again. In the meantime, visitors have to go through an alternative city road jam packed with traffic, which passes through dilapidated neighborhoods, and is not even clear at night – it is a route for cargo trucks. This means a one-way journey can take from one to two hours depending on traffic.

There are several ways, though, that the road trip can be made.

The best, but most expensive, solution is the Ford Explorers that wait outside the airport. They charge around 100 VEF, but can get you downtown in about an hour’s time.

You could also rent out a regular taxi – the black and yellow cab. These are less expensive, and relatively safe, although slower than the Fords. You have to be quick in hailing a cab, however, as most tourists who arrive usually make a run for them as soon as one comes in sight.

A new company, “Taxi to Caracas”, offers convenient rides to and from the airport. Cabs can be registered online with just a credit card, at

Word of advice when hiring out taxis: there are many unlicensed cabbies lounging around the airport who will try to convince you to use their cabs. It is better not to fall for the cheaper prices they offer, as they do not guarantee a safe journey.

If you are on a budget and would rather travel by bus, head to the domestic terminal. An airport bus leaves every 30 minutes for the city center, making 4 convenient stops along the way. A 5 VEF ticket can be purchased at a booth near the bus stand.