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Driving Tips

altIt is better to avoid the roads unless you are, or have, a really skillful and very patient driver. Caracas roads are plagued by traffic jams, which makes journey by road rather slow. Also, drivers are not very strict adherents to road regulations.

Seat belts are usually not available in most rental cars, or taxis for that matter, so make sure you drive your car like a car and not the Bat-mobile.

Roads under repair, open manholes, and other such hazards are usually marked only by a bunch of twigs hanging out of the crevice, or a few bricks or rocks lying around the site. Make sure you watch out for these “signs”.

Always carry your passport, driver’s license, and insurance papers around. Your vehicle may be subject to a random search by the National Guard.

Driving in Caracas is not recommended for gentlemen. If you cannot bring yourself to be a little discourteous on the road, you will most probably get pushed into the slow lane.

Word of advice: travel by cab for the first few days to observe how the road system works, and then take out your own car!


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