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Transportation - Getting Around in Caracas - Venezuela

Buses - Caracas


There are two kinds of buses that run through the city. One is the metro-bus, which is linked to the metro system, and takes passengers where the tube does not go. The second is the privately owned Carritos.

Privately owned carritos, a bit less expensive and much quicker than the...

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Car for hire - Caracas

Car for hire

Rather than book a taxi for the entire day, try renting out a car. Yes, cars can be pretty slow, as traffic jams are an everyday norm in Caracas, but they are safer, cheaper, and more convenient for families and group travelers with light luggage. Some reliable companies are:

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Driving Tips - Caracas

Driving Tips

It is better to avoid the roads unless you are, or have, a really skillful and very patient driver. Caracas roads are plagued by traffic jams, which makes journey by road rather slow. Also, drivers are not very strict adherents to road regulations.

Seat belts are usually not available...

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From the airport - Caracas

From the airport

Finding your way from the airport into the city by road is a nightmare! The bridge that connected downtown Caracas to the airport in La Guaira became unsuitable for use a few months ago, and an estimated 3 years will be needed for it to be operational again. In the meantime, visitors have to go...

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Metro - Caracas


The metro in Caracas is a very efficient, reliable, and safe means of public transport. It was constructed by a French company and started operating in 1983. Well maintained, air-conditioned, and with stations flaunting charming works of contemporary art by upcoming local artists, the Metro makes...

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Taxi - Caracas


Taxis are the best option for travel after dusk sets in. The metro is generally considered unsafe for tourists in the late hours of the evening.

Any vehicle in Caracas can be operated as a taxi by its owner, but why take the chances. Try to go for the yellow and black colored taxis....

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