San Ignacio

Address: Avenida Blandín, La Castellana, Caracas
Phone: 212 263 3953
Timings: Mondays to Saturdays 10am to 3am

Two splendid elliptical towers with seemingly infinite terraces, resembling an ultramodern space station or a high-income futuristic elite colony, the San Ignacio is a visual marvel in itself for its visitors.
The mall offers ridiculously expensive designer garments and footwear, fashion accessories, both locally crafted and internationally branded, and the latest in electronic gadgetry including computers, cell phones, and video games. The mall also contains a number of popular diners and coffee shops, perfect for that break in your tiring shopping day. An incredible cinema with VIP seating adds another dimension to the mall. Thus, San Ignacio forms a multi-faceted entertainment complex.
As dusk falls, San Ignacio makes a smooth transition from a shopper’s paradise to a partygoers’ haven. With its numerous clubs and late-night bars serving up all kinds of shots to heart pumping music, San Ignacio entertains the city from morning till the very early hours of the morning again.
Underground parking with valet service is available for up to 2000 cars.


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