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Metro Center

altAddress: Avenue Baralt and Avenue Universidad intersection, El Silencio district
Phone: 212 482 7646
A relatively new and stylishly designed mall, Metro Center has yet to achieve the attention of the crazy Caraqueño shopper crowd. The mall is located in a fairly secluded part within the old central district, almost devoid of traffic when compared to the highway rage Caraqueños have to face every day.

Metro Center offers a general collection of garments and accessories, everyday items, and home décor. The mall is more popular with the tourist crowd, however, for the sheer number of fast food outlets it contains – it is the perfect spot to stop for a quick bite during a tour of the old city. From Asian to American and all that is in between, topped with juices and shakes from around the world, you can find anything to your taste in these more than three dozen diners even if you do nothing more than window shop. 



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