Mercado de la Hoyoda

Address: Avenue Fuerzas Armadas, Centro district
Phone: 212 576 8147
Timings: open daily 8am to 8pm

A sprawling open-air market, the Hoyoda offers, at very reasonable prices, all that you could hope to find in the most glamorous of malls around Caracas – or quite authentic copies, anyway!
The market consists of hundreds of kiosks that sell anything from clothes and artificial jewelry to eatables, drinkables, and store-ables. A fine collection of cheap local artwork in the form of vintage paintings, photo frames, and hand-crafted sculptures make for delightful souvenirs.

The market is very popular amongst locals and tourists alike, who might as well venture in and out of it as they go around exploring the city. A number of cafés and restaurants dotted along the market’s periphery offer refreshing breaks from shopping sprees.

Parking is available on the street, provided you manage to arrive early!
Word of caution – be very mindful of your valuables, as pickpockets just lurk around street markets like this one where people inevitably keep bumping into one another.


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