Centro Commercial Paseo

Address: Avenue Principal de Las Mercedes, Las Mercedes district
Phone: 212 991 3164
Timings: Mondays to Saturdays 10am to 8pm

Paseo is for Caraqueños living the high life! Aptly situated in one of the city’s most elite neighborhoods, Paseo is an old mall that the citizens have come to trust when it comes to authentic jewelry, especially gold and silver bracelets, designer labels in apparel, cosmetics and accessories, and charming interior décor.
The mall offers, apart from the high-end, not-so-inexpensive garments and electronic gadgets, a commendable bookstore with a large international collection, a splendid cinema house, the mall’s own health and beauty salon, a well-stocked pharmacy, and a collection of some of the city’s tastiest diners and cafés.
Hotel Paseo Las Mercedes, a high-end hotel that offers excellent service to guests, is included within the mall’s premises.
Also within the mall, Transnocho Cultural, a very happening place for intellectuals and postmodernists, attracts a sizeable audience to its regularly held musical programs, art exhibitions, and performances.
For the party loving horde, the mall includes its own nightclub – you can experience a subtle shift in the kind of crowd as the hours start setting in.
Parking is available in the mall’s own garage.


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