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Centro Commercial Ciudad Tamanaco (CCCT)

altAddress: Avenue Principal de Las Mercedes
Phone: 212 959 2169
Timings: Mondays to Saturdays 9am to 9pm, Sundays 1pm to 7pm

Situated in Las Mercedes, the hip and happening part of Caracas, the CCCT is the perfect place to head to if you have a sizeable wallet or a collection of credit cards that actually work!
The inverted half-pyramidal shape of the mall attracts many an unsuspecting tourist from a long distance, who wanders inside unaware of the outrageously expensive goods on display.
CCCT is famous for its more than 500 shops and boutiques that sell anything from garments to undergarments and all in between and beyond. The stores contain toys, electronics, high end décor, and authentic artwork, apart from the mundane groceries and items of daily use.
CCCT houses two nightclubs that rage on all night, a charming variety of international diners arranged around an artistically designed food court, and a splendid movie theater.
The mall contains an indoor parking space for 6000 cars.
Weekends get especially crowded, when people come not only to shop, but to eat, watch movies, and dance all night! 


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