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altCuisine: Japanese
Address: at the mall near the entrance to the metro, at Sabana Grande
Timings: lunch only

Getting authentic sushi in Caracas is like a quest for the Holy Grail. The sushi at most Japanese restaurants isn’t bad, but it is far in taste from what you might have tasted in other cities around the world. It is usually a blend of local spices that tend to add flavor where the chefs fall behind in replicating Japanese taste. The sushi here, however, is one addictive eating experience.
However, the restaurant is little more than a small 20-seater diner that is only open for noon lunches. Service can be a bit slow, as there are just a few waiters. But what you get after the wait is definitely worth all the time you spend in this charming little place.
The ice tea makes for a perfect way to round up the meal. 


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