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altCuisine: International
Address: inside the C.C. Blandín shopping center, Avenue Blandín, Chacao district
Phone: 212 263 4628
Timings: Daily 8am to 730pm

A favorite hangout space for businessmen, Coma places all its emphasis on providing healthy, low-fat, organic food for its busy clientele. Treat yourself to tossed salads, whole meal sandwiches, a variety of pasta, fresh fruit juices, a selection of cream shakes, and dishes derived from milk and dairy products. For dinner you can try a more filling menu composed of fish, meat, and vegetable dishes.  A special mention is the salmon fillet.
Coma contains an open-air terrace, another reason which makes it a first choice for relaxed business conversations through the evening.
Coma, keeping in mind its target crowd, also provides wireless internet service to its customers. 


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