Astrid y Gastón

Cuisine: Peruvian
Address: Calle Londres, Las Mercedes
Phone: 212 993 1119
Timings: Mondays to Saturdays 1230pm to 330pm, 7pm to midnight

Straight from the heart of Lima, Peru, comes this delightful little restaurant that will leave you just longing to visit Peru itself! Located in one of the most upscale and undisturbed parts of town, the restaurant offers genuine Peruvian flavor right down to the last speck of pepper and sauce. Start off by spicing things up with some hot, steaming chupe (soup). Then try scrumptious delicacies like the ceviche (saucy seafood in tantalizing gravy), causa (dumplings with potato peels and slices), and a variety of fish and meat menus that are not exactly true-blood Peruvian but a finger-lickin’ blend of Spanish, Middle Eastern, and Asian flavors.
The place has a formal atmosphere, and is good for serious dinners with business partners and delegates. Reservations are especially advised. 


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