Sabana Grande

The city’s most popular pedestrianized area, the Sabana Grande is focused on a one-mile long boulevard. Absolutely no vehicular entry is allowed – a law that is strictly imposed only in this locality in Caracas.
The boulevard is popular for its many chic boutiques dotted along here and there – lots of variety, plenty of bargains, and quite a number of pickpockets!
The eateries and coffee shops that line the boulevard, like the Gran Café, are favorite hangout spots for intellectuals and artists who meet and discuss from the most trivial of issues to the wildest of theories and ideas.
The Suma Bookshop is also a place where you can find, apart from an interesting variety of reasonably priced reading material, groups of intellectuals just hanging around, talking about subjects you probably might never even have heard of – that is, if you can make out the language they are communicating in.
The Sabana Grande is very crowded even on weekdays – weekends are especially hectic for a day of shopping, but a fun experience, nevertheless, for observing the wild pace of life in Caracas.


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