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Parque del Este

altA spot for rest and recreation, Parque del Este forms the largest open public green space within the city. It is thronged with visitors every day, especially in the evenings. The park offers a serene escape to the Caraqueños from the bustle and noise of a congested city life.
Apart from being a favorite hangout space for the young and the old alike, the park also offers activities geared at education, entertainment, and adventure.
The park contains a mini zoo with a native variety of animals, a terrarium that contains from small rodents to middle sized land-roaming mammals, a herbarium with charming floral displays, an aviary with exotic species of tropical birds, quite a slimy a reptiles section, and an exceptionally splendid cactus garden (watch out for the thorns!).
The park even has a planetarium which puts on special weekend shows for the whole family.
Up for a little adventure? Grab a rowing boat for rent at one of the nine lakes within the park, pick a partner from amongst your friends, and off you go a-sailing!
Park del Este has a life-size model of Columbus’s original boat, the Santa Maria, which discovered America in 1492. It is also possible to have a guided tour of the boat’s interior for a small ticket.
Take a walk inside the park early morning and you can catch exercise sessions, yoga practitioners, energetic joggers, and local schoolchildren chanting poems at open-air assemblies. Go in the evening to find aspiring public speakers, religious choirs, Caraqueño children frolicking around playing soccer, and romantic newlyweds having tea picnics.
At any time of the day of the week you visit, Parque del Este will provide you with that much-needed breathing space that you will eventually require after spending a couple of days in Caracas.



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