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Panteón Nacional

altAddress: north of Plaza Bolivar
Timings: open daily (including holidays)

Originally constructed as a majestic church, the National Pantheon was converted in 1874 to act as the last resting place for many of Venezuela’s prominent personalities, based on their outstanding achievements in fields of politics, warfare, social service, and education and science.
The central, focal space within the pantheon is reserved for Simon Bolivar’s remains. The ceiling contains murals depicting scenes from Bolivar’s life. The body itself is contained within a sarcophagus of bronze housed within a polished marble niche, and the burial chamber reeks of immortal grandeur.
More than a hundred other notable personalities are buried within the Pantheon, all the chambers designed with special attributes and elements that had significant symbolic meaning to the person buried within. Overall, the Pantheon is a genuine example of neo-colonial baroque style architecture, with pale pink paint, overly done columns, intricate arches, and grand cupola-topped towers.



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