Jardín Botánico

Address: northwest of UCV, east of Parque Central Complex, south of Pak Los Caobos
Timings: open daily 830am to 430pm.
Tickets: VEF 1

A very large, sprawling botanical garden that also serves as a live study field for the adjoining University, the botanical garden is a treat for the eyes of the flora-crazy. A splendid collection of plants, from small shrubs and flowering hedges to towering, decades-old trees, the garden makes for a pleasant evening stroll or two when you are in the neighborhood.
The garden also contains a few refreshing water bodies, and several greenhouses that contain plants being nurtured under special control environments. You might be allowed to go inside one of them, depending on the time of the year.
Sit back, jog, lie down, or meditate, amidst blossoming tropical beauties.
Remember to stick to the southern periphery of the park, as the north side tends to become noisy due to the highway that runs right next to it!


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