El Avila National Park

Address: foot of Mount Avila, north of El Centro district
Located on the foothills of Mount Avila and stretching all the way up to the very top, El Avila National Park offers an exciting recreational opportunity for you when you get saturated with the car-clogged roads and the shopper-infested malls of the city.
The park contains cable cars that take you up to the very top. A 15-20 minutes ride, this will give you breathtaking views over the city’s skyline, where you would be able to see tall magnificent skyscrapers standing out amidst cramped ranchos that creep up the hillsides. As you get to the top, the temperature takes a sudden drop – it is recommended that you bring an extra shirt or light jacket, even in the summers.
Alternatively, you can choose to take the hiking/walking trail that leads up to the mountain top. This will take around 3-4 hours, depending on the number of stops you make. A small local village, Galipan, is located on the way up. Stop for some local food, especially fruit pies with steaming cups of tea, which will energize you for the remaining part of the journey.


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